Siren 12v with two tone

Siren / Speaker made of ” FIBER Body” is used in ambulance, Police Bike, police patrol, fire tender, control panels and also many industrial applications. Available Voltages:12 Volt ( 20 Watt, 30 Watt, 40 Watt ). Available Colours: White..

Siren 20w, 40w Siren 20w, 40w National Motorised Siren
    Color     :     White     Click here for All Siren
    Volt     :     12 Volt(20 watt, 30 Watt, 40 Watt)
    Tune     :     Police & Ambulance
    Body     :     Aluminum & Fiber.
    Stand     :     yes, with two bolt & nut
    Type     :     Round &/ Square
    Mike     :     Yes ( On Order)
    Speaker     :     Yes ( On Order

Ambulance Siren, Police Siren, Siren 12v with 2 tone

Fog Lamp/Light is used in Car, Truck, Ambulance, Bikes, police patrol and many industrial applications. Available Voltages: 12V, 24V, Available Colours: White, Rainbow & Yellow.


About Kumar Auto Industries Pvt. Ltd

Manufacturer & Exporter of Revolving Lights, Police Sirens, LED Strip Lights, LED Bar Lights, Blinker Lights 12 volt, Emergency Bar Lights, LED Display Board, Mirror Side Rods, Ambulance Accessories, Police Bike Accessories, Emergency Vehicle Lights, Hooter, Car Fan, Bus Fan, Bilinker Bus Lights, Ambulance Blinker Lights and More.
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