A flashing light on an emergency vehicle is LED warning light

Ignore any kind of flashing light at your peril. Normally any light that flashes indicates trouble of some sort. We get Warning Lights on our gadgets, home appliances and on our office equipment at work. Far more important is the LED warning light on emergency vehicles.

It’s a documented fact that emergency services personnel are killed and injured regularly when attending roadside emergencies. This is a direct result of other drivers ignoring or not taking note of any LED warning light they see on the highway. As a direct result of these deaths and injuries, most states have introduced a ‘Move Over’ law. This law requires drivers when seeing an emergency vehicle with LED warning light or a siren sounding, to move into another lane or substantially reduce speed (in many states to 20MPH below the posted speed limit).

The fact that we need such a law to protect our Emergency Services personnel is shocking enough considering the brightness of the LED warning light and the siren. When the LED warning light and siren are on in tandem, it’s nearly impossible not to notice them, yet people do fail to see them. Worse still are people driving without due care and attention at speed towards an emergency situation that has already occurred on the highway? Often people are more interested in what’s going on than taking care and being aware of the emergency service personnel at the scene.

The same people that are likely to ignore or disregard LED warning light on a highway either approaching them or up ahead, would probably not ignore a warning light on their games console. Sadly, such people would give more attention to a warning light on something insignificant, than to give their full-undivided attention to driving when an emergency has already occurred. There is far more at stake with a roadside emergency than a flashing light on anything in your home.

Many states that have the ‘Move Over’ law will have on the spot fines for failing to pull over or reduce their speed. Many people will not be aware that their state has such a law but ignorance is no defense. If you do either see an LED warning light in your rear view mirror or up ahead, decrease your speed. Continuing to drive at the posted speed limit is dangerous to yourself and the emergency personnel attending at the scene. Don’t be a statistic your self, take note whenever you see any LED warning light.

Most of the ‘Move Over’ laws will stipulate something along the following lines. When approaching a stationary authorized emergency vehicle that displays a flashing, blinking or alternating red or blue light shall approach the vehicle with due caution. Most will suggest a lane change and if this isn’t possible then a reduction in speed. This ‘Move Over’ law is designed to protect our emergency service personnel. Do not at any time ignore any LED warning light you may see on the highway.


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